Adventures in sourdough: the hours of truth

I’ve been meaning to get round to finishing off this post for ages, and it just hasn’t happened. (It’s definitely not Sourdough September anymore, for one thing.) Not that I’m breaking the boundaries of culinary wizardry anyway, so no harm done.

As it turns out, my first attempt at sourdough was a bit of a disaster. As far as I can gather, as much as it looked like it was doing things, my starter just didn’t have any oomph (technical baking term) in it, and after six hours of proving, my dough still hadn’t budged an inch.

Just so I could end up with something that vaguely resembled bread, I threw in a sachet of dried yeast and left it to prove again, then baked it as normal.

Cheating I know, but better to have something bread-like than throw away a perfectly good bowl of mouldy flour and water.

Ah well, onwards and upwards.






One thought on “Adventures in sourdough: the hours of truth

  1. Picture and link from your blog arrived at my own recent post on sourdough wholewheat bread made the other day. Having been through the beginnings stages long ago, stopped, started again, I wondered if there was any helpful input I could offer from across the pond. By the way, what did you think about the loaf you finally produced? And good for you soldiering on with yeast–not being a purist about it. -naomi

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